Jaguar XF 2.2 D Luxury

The Jag XF Diesel is a bit of an odd one. Let me explain. If one looks at this car as a premium executive, it is quite something. A luxurious upmarket car with temptingly low fuel consumption figures and the ability to cruise fast. All you need in an upmarket saloon really. As a Jag, however it loses a little something. It is a tad hard to put down on paper. Let me explain. It does nothing wrong. It just loses, for me anyway, a bit of what makes a Jaguar be. Where one is used to a somewhat brutal petrol engine that sounds the part, one gets a very refined diesel. Rather than a Jag one gets a Merc/Audi/ BMW competing mid-size saloon. Nothing at all wrong with that of course.

As to that drivetrain, this is what I am "complaining" about. And no apologies for those overused speech marks. The 2.2 Diesel with automatic stop start does what it should. Unobtrusive and refined, mated to a butter slick and unflustered 8 speed gearbox that never missed a beat. As to the numbers, the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder has an output of 140kW and an awesome 450Nm which are good for a 0-100 sprint time of 8,5 seconds while sipping a mere claimed 5,4 litres per 100km on the claimed and also do-able urban cycle. It is faultless. And in isolation one couldn't do better. It just falls away from what I have come to expect from a Jaguar. It merely disappoints my own pre-conceived ideas. It doesn't really need adjustment then, I do I guess.

What you get does have Grace, Pace and Space. Quick, a very elegant body shape, an interior that is both interesting and reasonably well crafted, and spacious. Really spacious. The only real issue I had on the test was a terribly minor one. The getting long in tooth test vehicle, I was about the last of a long string of hacks to try out. It had a single piece of chrome trim on a storage binnacle that was peeling away from the plastic substrate that it was chromed to. I don't know if it is a true indictment on the build quality, and no other XF I have ever had on test had this problem…

All in all if you want a bit of an executive bargain, and either want a range of over 800km or care about your fuel bill, this is a brilliant alternative to the usual suspects. Especially considering the reduced spec model's R450k price tag. It is a Jaguar after all.